Use a 2D Logo Designer for Inspirational Graphic Elements, Designs and Illustrations

Logos form the basis for making the first good impression on your clients and giving your business a visual narration to be identified with. With the Rexophics 2D logo designer, you can determine how to narrate your company’s story with an effective but simple 2D logo word mark, emblem, or a blend of the two. You can also use other logo-like creations and icons to symbolise specific services and products you offer. We have a 2D logo design portfolio packed with some best examples. Rexophics is the house of highly creative illustrators, art workers and designers supporting the world of digital printing and publishing through its innovative services.

Exclusive End-Advantages of 2D Logo Designer Service

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  • Power Up Your Brand with the Best Logo

You can easily power your brand with a 2D logo designer service. Whether an established company or a start-up, your business requires a memorable logo, as it is the essence of your company. You need the best 2D logo to help your target audience identify your brand. As long as your logo delivers your business message to the target audience, you will become a memorable brand. It does not matter whether you are making your 2D logo for free or paying for it; in the end, the design matters. Make sure it makes the first impression that you want for your brand.

  • Your Logo is the Fastest Way to Launch Your Brand

You can always depend on a 2D logo designer like Rexophics to help you create that ideal brand image. A 2D logo designer like this will make your life easier by providing you with tons of readymade logo designs, so you do not need to spend your money, time and energy. This will further help you concentrate on things that matter the most for your business.

  • Come Up with Your Online Business

You can create a brand identity online by creating a web store using an unforgettable logo. Use logo favicon and brand colours while establishing your social presence with a great 2D logo.

  • Let Your Brand Shine Out With Great Identity

With your brand-new logo, you can create an unforgettable business identity. Shine out with a complete set of wonderful letterheads, email signatures, envelopes and business cards.

  • Reap the Benefits of Logos on Outdoor Marketing Products

You can make your shop, store or office a brand magnet and increase footfalls with an exclusive logo featured on banners, standees and outdoor signs.

  • Say It Loud with Fetching Merchandise

Once you have a good 2D logo, you can go boldly with your promotional merchandise designs. Starting from mugs, t-shirts and caps to bags, giveaways and water bottles, you can have your 2D logo designed on almost everything for brand promotion.

When you choose Rexophics for your 2D logo design service, you avail advantages like:

  • 2D logos are exclusively designed with highly advanced variations like animation and 3D.
  • Typography specialists to ensure making the most of word marks. We ensure all word marks are intricately designed to showcase originality.
  • Exclusive designs to elevate your brand
  • 100% original designs for your brochures, website and other requirements

Why 2D Logo Designer?

A 2D logo designer is one of the best tools and the easiest way to get your company’s professional logo. Reasons to go for a 2D logo designer include:

  • Explore a complete library of pre-designed logos. This will allow you to make logos within an affordable range and per your requirements.
  • Save your time and money by exploring varied logo design ideas. You do not require exclusive design skills to make your own logo. Purchase your company logo only when you truly love your logo design.
  • You can find many logo designs customised for specific businesses and industries. Explore different logo design options and ideas explicitly customised for your business industry or niche in one place.
  • A 2D logo designer is fast and simple. It comes with a simple and innovative editor that will help you design a logo without any design experience, and that too within just a few minutes. The entire procedure is swift and hassle-free.
  • You get logos in superior-quality file formats to be used across different social channels. You can also find print-ready logo files.

Rexophics provides an extensive portfolio of 2D logo designs exclusively made for specific business verticals of its clients. This 2D logo designer creates classic 2D logos that perfectly resonate with the story behind your brand and even rejuvenate your old products and services. It will give a fresh start to your new business, or you can also rebrand the existing one.  


A 2D or two-dimensional logo uses height and width in its design to make a flat symbol that looks minimalistic and modern while being highly versatile at the same time. Most companies rebrand their logos in 2D versions to create a more iconic and clearer brand identity.

Dissimilar to the standard or regular logos, generally 2D logos, the 3D logos feature extra visual dimension that makes the design pop off the page.

The seven varieties of logo design include emblems, word marks, pictorial marks or symbols, abstract logo marks, monogram logos or letter marks, combination marks and mascot logos.

The five important features of a good 2D logo include:

  • The logo should reflect your company honestly and exclusively.
  • It should not include a lot of detailing.
  • It must work well even in black and white
  • Ensure your 2D logo is scalable,
  • It must be artistically balanced.

A few tips to make a great 2D logo are:

  • The logo should narrate a story.
  • It must be exclusive.
  • The logo should also be simple.
  • Make sure it speaks to the audience.
  • Ensure it is versatile.
  • Your company’s 2D logo should stand the test of time.
  • It must use space
  • It must employ the perfect typeface.