2D Logo Animation Maker: Animate Your Logo Like Never Before!

The power of a 2D animated logo lies in how memorable it is. You know you are a winner when your target audience instantly recognises your business logo. But you will likely wonder how to make a memorable 2D animated logo for your business. But before that, know what 2D logo animation is.

2D logo animation converts a static logo into a 2D logo with different animated elements, giving it life in the most engaging manner. The animated effect of a 2D log is further spiced up through subtle music and sound effects, making it one of the most dynamic ways to start and end a video, exclusively an intro and an outro.

A 2D animated logo is one of the best assets for your business. Adding motion to your company logo offers it an exclusive flavour while signalling professionalism at the same time. That’s because animated logos are directly associated with prominent brands. 2D animated logos can narrate your brand’s story while adding consistency to all your videos.

Bring Your Logo to Life with a 2D Animation Maker Online

The perfect 2D logo animation is not only dynamic but also able to capture and maintain the viewer’s attention. The logo should portray your company and its identity most entertainingly while leaving a lasting and positive impression. And most importantly, it must be very short, preferably under 10 seconds.

In this world which is always on the move, it can be difficult for you to keep your business still. Come up with your 2D logo animation to bring more attention to one of your most significant business assets. You can make your logo pop, bounce, spin and unveil itself differently using Rexophics, the easiest 2D logo animation maker online.

Using a 2D Logo Animation Maker

The human eyes are drawn to moving visuals; therefore, 2D logo animation will add another layer to your brand’s story by creating an animated version of your company logo. Simply use an exciting movement style to represent that your company is always on the move. You can even go for sleek animation to offer your logo a more corporate and modern feel. Remember, your logo’s most subtle and softest movements can also speak volumes about your company.

With Rexophics, making a 2D logo animation is straightforward, all thanks to its amazing editing features. And with a library packed with different 2D logo designs you can take inspiration from, you would not need to start from the beginning. Simply choose a design and get it customised to perfection using the Rexophics 2D logo animation maker that fixes fonts, colours, and visual and graphic elements in your business logo.

Why Go for 2D Animation Service in India?

It is always excellent to go for a 2D animation service in India because it can help brands in several ways. They are:

  • A professionally-made 2D logo animation can help brands create a lasting and strong first impression.
  • 2D animated logos also help create a strong brand image. These logos are great at delivering the feel and style of a brand and can also become the trademark of a YouTube channel or a company’s other social media profiles.
  • It helps the brand connect with its audiences instantly.

Give your brand a modern and professional look using the Rexophics 2D logo animation maker to create an animated logo. Taking this extra step ensures your content appears polished and sophisticated. Our 2D log animation maker will let you create a top-quality logo animation that showcases your brand’s commitment to quality.

We will make your logo with just a few clicks and help you grow your brand with spectacular 2D logo animation results. As a 2D logo animation maker, we use several flexible tools to create the best logo animations that perfectly fit the theme and story of your brand. With us, you can browse through hundreds of 2D logo animation designs available in a huge selection of music, colours and styles.


First, you must have a vectorised version or a logo that needs to be animated. Your 2D logo animation maker will want you to narrate the type of concept you have in mind and the specific purpose you are willing to use the logo. It will also ask you for the brand messaging and colours you want to incorporate in your 2D logo animation.

2D animated logos are the best marketing tools when placed after and before videos, as outros, intros and loaders and various other UI components for different products. 2D animated logos are also fun to share as videos or GIFs on social networking sites. Most companies use their 2D animated logos as screensavers and in email signatures.

2D logo animation services feature an all-inclusive price range based on the user’s specific requirements. The pricing of a 2D animated logo will also depend on different customised colours and features, video length and advanced motion technologies. So, inquire first before booking contracts with the sellers.

While businesses can make 2D animated logos in almost any size, experts recommend using a 1:1 square format. However, brands also have the option to use the Resize feature in different 2D logo animation makers to put in their customised sizes. One good tip here is to begin with, a big, superior-quality design, as it allows you to size it down based on your marketing destination.

With the Rexophics 2D logo animation maker, you can make the best video brand identity for your business. We can help you make a video or GIF logos for your site, band, store, shop, education, automotive and restaurant. You can also choose from more than 100, 000 customisable shapes that can be perfectly blended into exclusive, abstract animated logos.