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You want your brand, channel, or business with a fantastic logo animation that catches the eye’s attention. Rexophics brings you this opportunity for your brand, channel, or business to create logo animation and intro that fit well with the theme of your brand. Over the 4 years of experience, Rexophics to a large selection of styles, colors, and music as per your requirement. You have all the options you need to bring your brand to the next level.

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who we are

REXOPHICS is a team of graphic designers,2d animators, motion designers. We work together to create visually attractive cartoon explainer’s, logo animations and intros and outros for youtube videos.

Welcome to REXOPHICS

We are a professional motion graphic agency. For the last 4 years, we will assist businesses in logo design, logo animation, intro or outro animated videos for the YouTube channel to grow your business of any niche. We have delivered quality work to our customers over the years to enhance their presence on social media.

our services

Logo Animation

Create a superb logo animation with us for your business of any niche.

Mascot Logo Design

We offer Custom and unique Mascot logo design. We do have some different styles, which is not very common.

Charecter Design

Visualize and create a unique look of individual characters. These might include notes on a character's personality and physical traits.

Charecter Animation

Enhance your Brand or Business awareness to your audience through character animation.

Explainer Video

Convert your Brand or business idea compellingly and efficiently into the short-form video that highlights your business.


Create your roadmap when you make a video for your business.

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Logo Design & Logo Animation

Character Design &  Character Animation

Video Explainer & Storyboard

Motion reel 2021

We have completed an impressive variety of projects for different niches. The outcomes and knowledge generated by our projects are invaluable.

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Bring life to your brand, YouTube channel, or business with our services.